Photography by Madelaine Cappuccio

190. Theme 304 ~C-Creche~

This is the creche (also known as the Nativity) at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC.  Did you notice there’s an animal in the manger that is usually not there? You’re not seeing things…….it’s a yellow Lab! You can read the story about it HERE.

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189. Theme 84 ~Emotions~


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188. Theme 104 ~Fish~

Tropical fish CHELMON ROSTRATUS also known as the Copperband Butterfly Fish and Beaked Coralfish. So beautiful….

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187. Theme 78 ~Drink~

Shaken or stirred…..I’m not fussy!  ; )

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186. Theme 240 ~Religion~

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City……I can’t think of a better representation of religion particularly since this was taken during Mass.

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185. Theme 212 ~Overcast~

I took this photo last month on a very overcast day.  I like the pop of color the barge adds to the shot.  The monument left of center is the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in Riverside Park, Manhattan.

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184. Theme 51 ~City or Town~

Technically, this is supposed to be New York City but I think it could be almost any big city with a train station.

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183. Theme 222 ~Plastics~

The New York Transit Museum creates a Holiday Train Show each year where Lionel trains journey through a miniature New York City from Grand Central Station to the North Pole.  It’s positively magical! Anyway, I think this particular engine is made of plastic.

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182. Theme 163 ~Kitchen Utensils~

These have to be the largest utensils I’ve ever come across!

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181. Theme 302 ~A-Angel~

This beautiful angel is in in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.

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When I am no longer with you

Let no tears fall or sorrow prevail

When you see your reflection shimmer in the water

Smile and know that I see your smile

When you feel the cool grass beneath your feet

And the sun’s warmth upon your back

Know that I feel it also

When you hear the leaves rustling in the wind

Know it is my voice softly whispering to you

When you see a butterfly dancing among flowers

Know that I am dancing also

When you gently touch a puppy’s soft fur

Know that I too feel your touch

When the wind swirls across your skin

Know that it is I who caresses you

When you love another

Know that I too feel your love

These words are truth, my love

Have faith, my love

As long as beauty lives upon the earth and in the stars

And love lives in every beat of every heart

So then do I

So then do we all.

                                         Author unknown


180. Theme 359 ~White~

This is one of the famous Holiday display windows from Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC.  Each year, the windows are more creative and beautiful than the year before.  This season’s theme is taken from the childrens  book “SNOWPEOPLE”  by Rick and Ryan Zeeb.  It’s about, what else, people made of snow!  Saks has partnered with St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital this year and you can hear Marlo Thomas reading the story HERE.

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179. Theme 165 ~Large~

This is one VERY large Nutcracker at the entrance to S.P.Q.R. Restaurant in LITTLE ITALY, Manhattan. Oh, and here’s an offer you can’t refuse……check out this video for a tour of Little Italy where “Wise Guys Got Whacked.” Disclaimer: not all Italians or Nu Yawkah’s tawk like this!   Badda Bing!

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178. Theme 10 ~Art~

Art at Chez Josephine.  Love it there! 

Check out THIS article about Chez Josephine from the NY Daily News.  Fascinating!

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177. Theme 312 ~K-KISS~

KISS is a heavy metal rock band that was formed in the 1970’s in New York.   Gene Simmons was one of the founding members and is still a member.   I’m not a fan but one of the songs I can tolerate is “I WANT TO ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT.”  Who knows, you may love them!  Photo was taken at the Hard Rock Cafe.

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176. Theme 174 ~Lunchtime~

Pizza and Pepsi, “no Coke! Pepsi!”  Anyone remember that from SNL – John Belushi?  Hilarious!  HERE’S the skit found on hulu.

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175. Theme 178 ~Metals~

This small car was sitting on some part of the engine under the hood of a regular sized car.  I don’t know what part it was but I do know they were both made of metal and very cool looking!

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174. Theme 307 ~F-Ferris Wheel~

This is what the Steel Pier and ferris wheel look like after Labor Day.  No seats and pretty much deserted.  HERE’S a short video I found on YouTube showing Atlantic City in the summer from the wheel.

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173. Theme 294 ~Symbol~

Corvette symbols have changed many times over the years.  I don’t know what year this one is from but if you’d like to read more about the differences, you can do so HERE.   And here’s The Corvette Song performed by George Jones.

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172. Theme 255 ~Seaside~

Off-season seaside…..

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171. Theme 251 ~Sandy~

This is one of THE BOARDWALK CATS OF ATLANTIC CITY. He/she had just finished lunch and was lounging in the sun on the beach.  Try as I did, I couldn’t get it to turn its head.

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170. Theme 191 ~Music~

This photo was taken at the Hard Rock Cafe.  The Hard Rock is known for its collection of rock and roll memorabilia and fried ice cream!  A bizarre but delicious concoction.

The plaque under the shadow box reads:

This violin was used to record the violin solo in “Don’t Pass Me By” (written and sung by Ringo) from the 1968 “White Album.”

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169. Theme 333 ~Together~

Meet Teri and George.  They were kind enough to pose together for this photo!  Thanks guys!  =D

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168. Theme 211 ~Ornamental~

Part of the roof detail of the Taj Mahal Hotel  in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Definitely ornamental.  HERE’S  a video of ‘On the Boardwalk in Atlantic City’ sung by The Lennon Sisters accompanied by a slideshow of 1930’s images from the Atlantic City boardwalk. It doesn’t look anything like that anymore!  Well, except for the rolling chairs….they’re still being used.

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167. Theme 309 ~H – Hibiscus~

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Hibiscus and Sparrow

it’s just a moment

with the hibiscus in bloom

and the sparrow in flight

chirping as it does, perhaps;

just in a moment, perhaps all of it

in the stream of being and existence:

and me, just getting up from my chair

                                                       Raj Arumurgam